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Raffles Singapore - The Last Tiger Shot

The Last Tiger Shot

In 1902, the last tiger that was killed in Singapore was pursued at Raffles Hotel Singapore. The tiger escaped from a performing circus at the far end of Beach Road, went for a good swim and cowered under Bar & Billiard Room to rest for the night.

At that time, Bar & Billiard Room was an elevated building and the space underneath was used as storage for empty boxes and crates. A colleague saw the tiger and requested the help of a headmaster who was known to be a hunter and a sharp shooter. It was dark and with his loaded gun, he fired 3 missed shots at the tiger. The right opportunity for him to redeem his reputation came when he caught the gleaming eyes of the tiger. He fired a shot right between his eyes. As bystanders approached the body, the tiger’s head rose. The headmaster pulled his trigger again and the last tiger in Singapore finally laid its head to rest under the Bar & Billiard Room.