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Key Updates

Raffles Singapore is now fully closed with a reopening planned for the middle of 2019. Long Bar returns to its original location, newly restored and serving the Singapore Sling experience once again. The Raffles Gift Shop located at 3 Seah Street remains open throughout our restoration.


The restoration of Raffles Singapore is designed to ensure that we retain what is so special about Raffles – the ambiance, the service, the charm and the heritage of the hotel. It is also designed for Raffles Singapore to stay relevant and distinctive by moving with the times and with its guests and adapting to the changing needs of the well-travelled and Singapore’s community. With a planned reopening for the first half of 2019, you can expect to experience Raffles’ charming ambiance and legendary service and enjoy newly opened bars, restaurants, courtyards, and social areas; spaces designed to make Raffles the place to meet, spend time, shop and celebrate.

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Raffles Singapore is currently undergoing restoration with a planned reopening in August 2019
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Raffles Hotel Singapore has embarked on a careful and sensitive restoration programme which will be carried out in three phases. Phase One began on 13 February 2017. For more information, please click here.