Raffles Hotel Singapore - Luxury hotel - Restoration
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  • relocation-of-raffles-gift-shop

    Relocation of Raffles Gift Shop

    Take home memories from Raffles Singapore to last a lifetime. With the hotel closing for restoration from December 2017, our treasure trove of gifts and mementos has moved to a new location at 3 Seah Street. The Gift Shop will...

  • key-updates

    Key Updates

    Raffles Singapore is now fully closed with a reopening planned for the middle of 2019. Long Bar returns to its original location, newly restored and serving the Singapore Sling experience once again. The Raffles Gift Shop...

  • restoration-gallery

    Restoration Gallery

    As we write a new chapter in our Raffles story, follow our restoration journey through these visuals. View the rest of our Gallery here.

  • restoration
Raffles Singapore is currently undergoing restoration with a planned reopening in August 2019
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Raffles Hotel Singapore has embarked on a careful and sensitive restoration programme which will be carried out in three phases. Phase One began on 13 February 2017. For more information, please click here.